2016 Lifeguard Training Academy Schedule


Recruitment Brochure

May 8-14 Academy II, June 5-11 Academy III

Sunday; May 8, June 5

7am- 12pm (Aquatic & Fitness Center)

Swim test, ½ mile run, rescue skills

1pm- 5pm (Recreation Center)

Professional Lifeguard, injury prevention, facility safety, patron surveillance, emergency preparation, water observation

Monday; May 9, June 6

8am- 6pm (Recreation Center)

Blood Bourne Pathogens, Before Providing Care and Victim Assessment, Breathing Emergencies, AED Essentials, First Aid

Tuesday; May 10, June 7

8am- 12pm (Recreation Center)

Rip Currents, Aquatic Hazards, Beach and Wave Topography

1pm- 5pm

Ocean Rescue Skills

Wednesday; May 11, June 8

8am- 12pm (Recreation Center)

Standard Operating Guidelines, Reports, Policies and Procedures. Ordinances, Rules and Regulations

1pm- 5pm (Beach)

Ocean Rescue Skills, Pier Rescues

Thursday; May 12, June 9

8am- 5pm (Beach)

Radio Communications,

PWC Training, Tower Set- up

Friday; May 13, June 10

12pm- 5pm (Recreation Center)

Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries, Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries in a beach environment

6pm- 9pm (Aquatic & Fitness Center)

Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries, Final Skills Scenario

Saturday; May 14, June 11

8am- 12pm

Code X, Review and Exams

1pm- until

Code X, search patterns, PWC training