2017 Lifeguard Training Academy


2017 Lifeguard Training Academy (Download)


2017 Lifeguard Training Academy          May 7- 13, June 4- 10


Sunday, May 7, June 4

7am- 12pm (pool)

500 meter swim test, ½ run, 20 meter brick tow, Rescue Skills, Escapes

1pm- 6pm (Community Center)

Lifesaving History, Role of the Professional Lifeguard, Use and Protection of Americas Beaches, Water Observation, Victim Recognition


Monday, May 8, June 5

8am- 6pm (Community Center)

BBP, CISM, Medical, Legal, Ethical Issues, Human Body, Lifting and Moving Patients, Scene Size Up, Primary Assessment


Tuesday, May 9, June 6

8am- 6pm (Community Center)

Airway Ventilation and Management, Emergency Oxygen, the Circulatory System and Cardiac Emergencies, CPR and AED, History Taking and Secondary Assessment, Medical Emergencies


Wednesday, May 10, June 7

8am- 6pm (Community Center)

Poisoning, Substance Misuse and Abuse, First Aid


Thursday, May 11, June 8

8am- 12:30pm (Community Center)

Rip Currents, Beach and Wave Topography, Aquatic and Marine Hazards, Policies and Procedures, Ocean Rescue Skills

1:30- 6pm (Beach)

Ocean Rescue Skills


Friday, May 12, June 9

8am- 12pm (Community Center)

Spinal Injury Management, Special Populations, Code X

1pm- 5pm (Beach)

Communications, Tower set-up, Pier Rescue, Code X

6pm- 9pm (pool)

Spinal Injury Management


Saturday, May 13, June 10

8am- 12pm (Community Center)

Written Tests

1pm- 5pm (Beach)

PWC Rescue, Spinal Injury Management