Past JOB WELL DONE Nominees

Steven Sheppard

While on patrol Steve met a family with two small children on vacation. The grandmother was with the children when the youngest child, just two years old, saw Steve and wanted to talk to him. The grandmother brought the children to Steve’s car. Steve got out of his car and talked with them and then gave the two children stuffed animals. Two more children came over and wanted animals also. Steve did not have any more; but promised to return with enough for everyone. Steve, true to his word, returned to the motel and delivered stuffed animals to the other two children. Steve’s actions left a positive impression on the children and the whole family.  The grandmother, Mrs. Smith, described Steve’s actions as going, “Over and above his call of duty”. Job well done, Steve!

A.C.O. Mike Frye

Animal Control Officer Mike Frye was dispatched to assist a citizen whose pet had passed away.  The caller was very emotional and distraught.  Not knowing what to do with her beloved pet, she asked Officer Frye for his help. Officer Frye arranged to transport her dog to the humane society. He carried the large dog, gingerly and respectfully, to his ACO truck and transported the animal to the animal shelter. Once at the shelter Officer Frye realized that the dog still had his collar on. He removed the chain collar knowing that the owner would certainly want it. Officer Frye, wanting to do more to offer his condolences, went to a local pet store where he purchased a heart shaped tag. On the tag, he had the dog’s name engraved on it. He then purchased a small gift box in which to return the collar in. Officer Frye returned to the dog owner’s residence stating that he was returning her pet’s collar. She was very grateful for the kind gesture as Officer Frye handed her the gift box containing the collar. The caller was very emotional and distraught.

F.F. / E.M.T. Jason Whedon

  Jason is in a committee that manages nozzles and other hose appliances. These items are extremely expensive and are important in our fire suppression efforts. Jason went to each apparatus and cataloged each piece, their serial numbers, condition and other important information which became extremely useful in budgeting and forecasting for the future. Every time we get more organized it makes us better as a department and his work on this project was a big step in that direction. Thank you Jason, this was a job well done.

P.S.O. Steve Ostin

During a recent Citizens Academy class a participant wished to share a positive experience he had with one of our officers assigned to the area of the city he resides in.  The class participant stated that Officer Steve Ostin saw him outside of his home while patrolling his neighborhood and made a point to stop and introduce himself, and learned that he was a board member of his community.  During the conversation Officer Ostin was invited to one of the board meetings for the community.   Officer Ostin later came to one of the board meetings to participate and introduce himself to more community members as one of the officers that is assigned to their community and is there to serve them.  The class participant stated that Officer Ostin’s actions and embodiment of our department’s community policing philosophy really made an impact on him and he was very appreciative of Officer Ostin and our department.  Job Well Done, Steve.

Suzanne Hoffnagle

Suzanne works hard for everyone behind the scenes. She does so much, and back in the early spring she began planning, organizing, and directing efforts to establish our 1st Annual and Inaugural North Myrtle Beach DPS Johnny Causey Scholarship program Golf Tournament held on August 18, 2018. Suzanne had never been involved in such an event, much less organizing one, and she had to learn as she went. She spent countless hours working on this golf tournament. She traveled across the county gathering hole sponsors, obtaining prize sponsors, and working to register players and teams for the tournament. Her efforts were very successful and led to our department raising well over $15,000 for the scholarship program which is available to all North Myrtle Beach DPS employees’ children. Many Officers and Firefighters within our department have no idea how much Suzanne does for them on a daily basis, and everyone needs to how much time and hard work she has dedicated to ensure this scholarship program is maintained and available forALL of our children. Everyone, please thank Suzanne for making this 1st Annual Golf Tournament a huge success. We should also thank her and support her as she works with the Johnny Causey Family as they prepare for this year’s Fish Fry scholarship benefit and as she plans the next golf tournament. Job Well Done, Suzanne.

Detention Officer Joseph Samaha

On June 8, 2018, the communications center received a report of a man unconscious near a pool. The man was not breathing and,  according to reports, had been under water for approximately four minutes. Officer Samaha took the call. Keeping the caller on the phone, Officer Samaha simultaneously dispatched the appropriate responders, entered the call into the computer aided dispatch system, and notated the incident information. As units were responding, Officer Samaha continued to gather information from the caller and update the responding units. The information Officer Samaha passed on, allowed the arriving units to go straight to work providing care to the patient. Because of Officer Samaha’s attention to detail and timely response to the situation, first responders were able to revive the patient who made a full recovery. Joseph, this is truly, “a job well done”!

PSO Brandon Beaudoin

On 04/30/2018 Officer Brandon Beaudoin was dispatched to the Little River Bridge in reference to a possible suicidal male with a back pack looking over the side of the bridge. As he approached the scene he observed a male subject standing at the top of the bridge leaning over the railing. He immediately stopped his vehicle, jumped the median, and approached the male from behind. The male was talking to bystanders and did not see Officer Beaudoin approach.  Officer Beaudoin immediately grabbed the male and attempted to pull him back over. The male stiffened up and tucked his feet under some piping requiring Officer Beaudoin and a bystander to have to free his feet to pull him back over. Once safely on the side of the bridge the male admitted to Officer Beaudoin, he intended to kill himself and Officer Beaudoin located a letter on his person that confirmed his intentions.   Officer Beaudoin was able to get the male to accept help and he was transported by EMS to get evaluated and receive treatment. Brandon, this is truly, “a job well done”!

PFC Kyle Smith

This case began with PFC Smith responding to a stolen vehicle complaint at a dealership in the City. Kyle arrived on scene, gathered the necessary evidence, and took the initial report. PFC Smith took the case further and used tracking information for the vehicle to track it as it drove through North Carolina. Working against the clock, PFC Smith completed the proper paperwork for the vehicle and had the vehicle entered as stolen in the national database. PFC Smith continued to track the vehicle through North Carolina, into the state of Virginia, where he worked with Virginia State Police to track the vehicle and have it stopped. PFC Smith then worked with Virginia State Police supplying them enough evidence to charge and arrest the driver. PFC Smith then completed the required warrant requests for the offender and presented them to the judge.

Although an arrest had been made, PFC Smith still did not stop his investigation of this case. PFC Smith contacted the solicitor and attempted to arrange extradition for the suspect back to South Carolina to fully close the case with an arrest. PFC Smith then notified the victim of the vehicle’s location to allow the stolen vehicle and property inside to be recovered.

PFC Smith showed a strong desire to close the case and return the property to the victim which involved NCIC entries, warrant requests, tracking of stolen property across multiple states, and potential extradition of an offender back to South Carolina. During this investigation PFC Smith was able to coordinate the successful recovery of stolen property and arrest of the offender. PFC Smith this is truly, “a job well done”!

Fire Lieutenant J. Edge

Lt. Edge has put countless hours into serving the technological needs of the Fire/Rescue Dept. He tested and chose the best new reporting software to meet the needs of the department. He then was the point contact in getting it in place on both the tech side and in training the entire department on its use. He still currently helps with obtaining the new technology we need to make our jobs easier. The last and most important part is that he has made himself available to the department for questions on the reporting software almost 24/7. He has done all of this willingly and without complaint and should be recognized for his efforts in keeping us on the cutting edge. Jason, this is truly, “a job well done”.

Detective J.T. Martin

Throughout December 2017 and January 2018, the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety received numerous complaints of ongoing illegal gambling and prostitution activity taking place throughout the city. Detective James “JT” Martin diligently investigated all complaints and carried out hours of surveillance, thus compiling information to substantiate the claims including locations, times and suspect’s identities.  Detective Martin obtained search warrants and drafted Ops Plans.  With assistance from other members of his division, detective Martin coordinated and executed separate undercover operations resulting in the apprehension of 24 suspects and the seizure of gaming equipment and US currency.  Detective Martin’s drive, motivation and attention to detail are truly deserving of recognition for a “Job Well Done”.

Fire Lieutenant Nathan Marker

Recently a family was passing through the city on Highway 31 when they experienced a flat tire. The couple pulled to the side of the road and turned on the vehicle’s emergency flashers. Fire Lieutenant Nathan Marker was on his way home from work when he came upon the disabled vehicle. Nate stopped to check on the welfare of the couple and offered to change the tire for them. The gentleman explained he had contacted AAA and said they would be ok. Nate insisted on helping and not only changed the tire, but followed the couple making sure they made it safely off the highway onto a surface street. The gentleman, in his message, expressed how touched he and his wife were saying, “I was not expecting someone to go out of their way to do this for me on a dark, misty and chilly night on a busy highway. It says a lot about Nathan’s character and attitude for him to put off getting home to help me. You should be proud to have Nathan on your team. I thank Nathan deeply for his help and wanted you to know what a fine man you have in your Department.” Nate, this was truly a “job well done”.

Detective Will Lynch

Detective Will Lynch was working at the City’s “Great Christmas Light Show” when he came upon a family visiting the park. The parents were trying to get their young son to pose for a picture. The lad was afraid and did not want to take the picture. Will was able to help and got the boy to sit with the elf. The family’s comment shows how appreciative they were for Will’s help; saying, ” A big thank you to Officer Lynch for helping ease the fears of our little man and getting him to pose with the elf at the Great Christmas Light Show. It was our second attempt and I was ready to give up and Officer Lynch saw his hesitation and came and showed him there was nothing to be afraid of and he climbed right up there with him on the sleigh! It really meant a lot that he took the time for him.” Will, this was truly a “job well done”.

Officer George Brooks

Officer Brooks was scheduled to work the night of October 31st. He decided to bring some Halloween spirit to work with him that night so he purchased candy with his own money and passed it out to children who were trick-or-treating in the Little River Neck area, Palmetto Shores, and Surf Estates neighborhoods. The children in those neighborhoods were delighted with the gesture and the parents were pleasantly surprised with our officers doing something so special while encouraging safety.  Officer George’s fun and thoughtful Halloween gesture represents his genuine kindness, attentiveness to the community, and fun personality. Truly a “job well done”.

Firefighter Mike Matter

Fire Fighter Mike Matter saw the need for a utility trailer for the Department’s bicycle team. He found there was a utility trailer not being used, took the initiative, and repurposed this trailer so that it could be used for the bicycle team. He completed the work while on duty using existing materials so as to minimize costs. Because of this the project took months to complete. Mike never faltered in his dedication to complete the task and now the bicycle team has it’s own trailer. Mike, this is truly a, “Job well done.”

Officer Gordon Best

Officer Gordon Best responded to a call at one of the motels in the city. The caller reported there was an individual on the seventh floor of the motel who was threatening to harm himself. Officer Best entered the unit identified by the caller and found the individual on the balcony. Officer Best introduced himself and as he did the gentleman stood up, climbed on a chair, and started to jump. Officer Best was able to grab the man and pull him back onto the balcony. Gordon was able to establish a report with the individual and calm him; eventually convincing him to seek medical assistance. Officer Best’s quick  and selfless actions saved this individual’s life. Gordon, this is truly a, “Job well done.”

Sergeant John Griffin

Recently, a family visiting our area had the occasion to meet Sergeant Griffin. The following describes their interaction.

My husband and I and our 7 year old grandson were at Horry’s Restaurant on Rt. 17 having dinner with my brother and his wife, who live in Myrtle Beach. My grandson had a toy sheriff’s badge pinned on him that we had just bought that day and that he was very proud of. As we were leaving the restaurant we met Sgt. John Griffin at the counter who was picking up a take out order. My grandson showed him the sheriff badge and Sgt. Griffin took the time to speak to our grandson and comment on his sheriff badge and gave our grandson a department coin. Sgt. Griffin told our grandson to keep it with him to help keep him safe as it had kept the Sgt. safe and for our grandson to call him if he ever had any questions or problems with bullies, drugs or anything. Sgt. Griffin spent at least 15 or more minutes speaking to our grandson. He also gave our grandson his card and told him to call him anytime for any reason if he needed to and told our grandson to call him “Big John” because that’s what his friends call him and our grandson was now his friend. I can’t tell you how much this impressed our grandson, he has kept that coin in his pocket since that day. He now wants to be a police officer and talks about law and order all the time! We were very impressed ourselves with the time and attention that Sgt. Griffin showed to our grandson and very happy that he took the time to speak to him and make such a positive impression on him.

John, this is truly a, “Job well done

These employees’ actions are best described by the citizen’s letter which follows.

My family and I stayed at Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach last week.  Upon returning home on Saturday, I realized that I left my engagement ring and wedding ring set in the condo. I contacted the realty company whom I asked to retrieve my rings.  I told the realty company precisely where I left my rings. After multiple phone calls with the realty company, they told me they sent someone to look for my rings and they were not there.  I feared that my rings may have been stolen because I was absolutely certain that they were exactly where I described.  So, I called the North Myrtle Beach Police Department.  I spoke to Officer Best at 6:50 p.m. on Saturday and explained to him what happened.  He assured me that before the end of that night he would search the condo unit.  In less than one hour, Officer Best called me back to tell me he located my rings precisely where I told him they were.  He explained that he was turning my rings over to the property/evidence custodian, Chris Sengle and he gave me her contact information.  I called Ms. Sengle on Monday and requested that she overnight my rings to me with insurance on the package.  I told her that I would pay for the shipping charges, but she told me it was a “service” of their department to return my rings to me.  I received my rings today.  I wanted to let you know that these two people, Officer Best and Ms. Sengle, were both extraordinarily kind to me.  My mind was put at ease after my conversations with them, knowing they were taking care of these invaluable rings for me. Please extend my sincerest thanks to them for helping me. Officer Best, Chris Sengle this is truly a, “Job well done.

Detention Officer Latorya Jackson

Officer Latorya Jackson, while looking at the J Reuben Long Detention Center’s website, noticed a name that she had seen before. Officer Jackson believed the arrestee she saw on the website had active warrants issued by the City of North Myrtle Beach. After checking, Officer Jackson found there were three active arrest warrants for narcotics violations for the arrestee. Officer Latorya Jackson immediately contacted the patrol division and had the J Reuben Long Detention Center hold the suspect so the Department could serve the active warrants. The warrants, which were six years old, were served on the suspect. Officer Jackson, “Job well done.”

Fire Lieutenant James Vreeland

Officers Burchette and Blackwood were called to a local restaurant in reference to a wanted person. It was found the subject was  wanted out of our agency for several burglaries. The suspect began to resist the officers attempt to arrest him in the crowded restaurant. Lt Vreeland happened to be in the restaurant while off duty and quickly came to the assistance of the officers. Both Officers said the situation would have been much worse if not for the quick action of Lt. Vreeland. Lieutenant Vreeland, “Job well done.”

Detective Vant Abercrombie

During the month of May 2017, there were several reports of batteries being stolen from golf carts, while parked at beach accesses. After obtaining video footage from a resident on the Blvd., it was determined that the suspects were operating an older model, dark colored passenger van. On Saturday May 20, 2017, Detective Vant Abercrombie observed a van matching this description, driving on the Boulevard. Detective Abercrombie surveilled the vehicle for some time, until it eventually parked between two golf carts at the beach access located at 14th Avenue North. Detective Abercrombie, After interviewing the two individuals found they were the suspects in the earlier larcenies. one of the suspects confessed to being responsible for the previous thefts. Detective Abercrombie, “Job well done”

Lieutenant Justin Domogauer and Engineer Bryan Grady

On 2 different occasions these firefighters spent long hours organizing and ensuring all radios on the fire department side received a required radio update.  In the case of the 2nd update, there was such short notice that the plan developed on the same day.  Both members came in on their off days as soon as they received the call and operated into the night.  This demonstrates the dedication this department is looking for.

Officer Michael Thrower

On May 17, 2017, a pedestrian was walking along Duffy Street in the area of 30th Avenue North when a vehicle struck her. The vehicle did not stop to provide assistance or call for help. Through diligent investigative work, Officer Thrower identified the vehicle and suspect who left the scene. Because of this investigation, the suspect was arrested, and charged with leaving the scene of the accident. Officer Thrower, “Job well done”.