Past JOB WELL DONE Nominees

Detective Vant Abercrombie

During the month of May 2017, there were several reports of batteries being stolen from golf carts, while parked at beach accesses. After obtaining video footage from a resident on the Blvd., it was determined that the suspects were operating an older model, dark colored passenger van. On Saturday May 20, 2017, Detective Vant Abercrombie observed a van matching this description, driving on the Boulevard. Detective Abercrombie surveilled the vehicle for some time, until it eventually parked between two golf carts at the beach access located at 14th Avenue North. Detective Abercrombie, After interviewing the two individuals found they were the suspects in the earlier larcenies. one of the suspects confessed to being responsible for the previous thefts. Detective Abercrombie, “Job well done”

Lieutenant Justin Domogauer and Engineer Bryan Grady

On 2 different occasions these firefighters spent long hours organizing and ensuring all radios on the fire department side received a required radio update.  In the case of the 2nd update, there was such short notice that the plan developed on the same day.  Both members came in on their off days as soon as they received the call and operated into the night.  This demonstrates the dedication this department is looking for.

Officer Michael Thrower

On May 17, 2017, a pedestrian was walking along Duffy Street in the area of 30th Avenue North when a vehicle struck her. The vehicle did not stop to provide assistance or call for help. Through diligent investigative work, Officer Thrower identified the vehicle and suspect who left the scene. Because of this investigation, the suspect was arrested, and charged with leaving the scene of the accident. Officer Thrower, “Job well done”.