Rape Prevention Tips

Know Your Facts

Rape IS a violent crime. You are never “asking for it” and it is an attack.

Rape can occur anywhere, anytime.

Rapists are not only strangers.  4/5 of reported rapes are by a friend or acquaintance of the victim.

68% of Rapes go unreported.  Please don’t hesitate to report rape if you’re the victim or you’re a witness.

About 50% of all reported rapes happened either in the victim’s home or within a 1 mile radius.

Rape isn’t just a crime that is committed against adult women. Men and children are also victims. About 1 in 33 men are victims, and 44% of victims are under the age of 18, with 15% under the age of 12.

Rape is a scary and dangerous thing, but there are ways to help stay safe.

Personal Safety

  • Be alert to your surroundings; if you have to walk at night be sure NEVER to walk alone and to walk under streetlamps and other well-lite areas.
  • Walk with confidence and on the side of the street facing traffic; rapists look for vulnerable targets.
  • If out at a party, never leave your drink unattended.
  • If you think you are being followed, head to the nearest area with lighting and people. If it’s a car, turn to walk on the other side of the street.
  • If you know you are in danger, scream “Fire!” and run for help.

Home Safety

  • Be sure all doors and windows have working locks.
  • Never open the door to strangers; make sure any officers, repairmen, or salesmen provide identification.
  • Don’t admit to strangers at the door and over the phone you are alone.
  • Never let a stranger in your home, even if they ask to make an emergency phone call. Offer to make the emergency phone call for them while they wait outside.
  • If you come home and the door is open or there is signs of forced entry, DON’T GO INSIDE. Go to the nearest phone and call the police.

Car Safety

  • Make sure your car is in working order with plenty of gas.
  • Always lock your car doors.
  • If you have to park during the night, make sure it is under a well-lite area.
  • Always have your keys in your hand when leaving; saves time and can be a weapon if needed.
  • If you think you are being followed in your car, drive to a police or fire station if you can, or a public place that is well lit.
  • If your car breaks down, put on your flashes, open the hood, and attached a handkerchief to the antenna. Then LOCK the car and wait for help. If someone stops, ask them to call a tow, or call using your cell phone.

If You Are Attacked…

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Notice suspicious cars and people.
  • If you can sense that you are about to be attacked, FLEE. Run for the nearest public place and make as much noise as you can.
  • Your main concern is YOUR safety. Don’t be afraid to FIGHT TO HURT the assailant. Remember, they are committing a crime against you.

If You Are A Victim of Rape…

Try to get to a safe place immediately, and then call the police, sheriff, the nearest rape crisis center, doctor, friend, or relative. The sooner you report, the sooner the attacker can be caught.

Don’t change clothes or clean up in any way until you made it to a hospital and have been checked out and have talked to police. You may destroy evidence that can help identify your attacker and can be used in court to catch your attacker.

Go to [websitelinkhere] for more information.

Remember, YOU are the victim. You did nothing wrong and shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty. There are many places to seek out help.