Citizen Compliments and Complaints

This online form is for citizens and visitors alike to either…

Recognize an employee who has performed excellent work.


Make a complaint in reference to an employee who has performed work in an unsatisfactory manner or acted improperly.

You may submit this form anonymously, however if you wish to be contacted back, please leave your name and a valid email or phone number so someone can reach you back.

Also check below for a list of phone numbers if you wish to call instead.


Our sworn personal take an oath of office prior to becoming commissioned officers and firefighters. This oath forms the core values of the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety. If we fall short of this ideal in the eyes of a citizen or visitor, then we need to know about it.

Contact via Phone

Internal Affairs

(843) 280-5532

Police Chief                                 Fire Chief
(843) 280-5532                           (843) 280-5512

Patrol Sergeant                          Battalion Chief
(843) 281-3710                           (843) 280-5631

The North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety is committed to excellence in public service. As a result, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our agency. The compliments, complaints, and suggestions of the city’s residents and it’s visitors are valued. Your imput will help shape and direct our agency.

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Compliments or Complaints Form