2015 Lifeguard Academy Schedules


The North Myrtle Beach Weekend Lifeguard Training Academy schedule runs from May 10th through May 16th (Acadamy II) and June 7th through June 13th (Acadamy III).  Click to read the rest of this entry to see the full schedule.

Sunday; May 10, June 7

7am- 12pm (Aquatic & Fitness Center)

Swim test, ½ mile run, rescue skills

1pm- 5pm (Recreation Center)

Professional Lifeguard, injury prevention, facility safety, patron surveillance, emergency preparation, water observation

Monday; May 11, June 8

8am- 6pm (Recreation Center)

Blood Bourne Pathogens, Before Providing Care and Victim Assessment, Breathing  Emergencies, AED Essentials, First Aid

Tuesday; May 12, June 9

8am- 12pm (Recreation Center)

Rip Currents, Aquatic Hazards, Beach and Wave Topography

1pm- 5pm

Ocean Rescue Skills

Wednesday; May 13, June 10

8am- 12pm (Recreation Center)

Standard Operating Guidelines, Reports, Policies and Procedures. Ordinances, Rules and Regulations

1pm- 5pm (Beach)

Ocean Rescue Skills, Pier Rescues

 Thursday; May 14, June 11

12pm- 5pm (Recreation Center)

Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries

6pm- 9pm (Aquatic & Fitness Center)

Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries, Final Skills Scenario

Friday; May 15, June 12

8am- 5pm (Beach)

Radio Communications, Caring for Head, Neck and Back Injuries in a beach environment

PWC Training, Tower Set- up

Saturday; May 16, June 13

8am- 12pm

Code X, Review and Exams

1pm- until

Code X, search patterns, PWC training