2015 9/11 Memorial Walk

In 2011, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety personnel felt the need to show respect to those who had given the ultimate sacrifice when our country became under attack, on September 11, 2001. In efforts to memorialize all those involved, on the 10th anniversary of that horrific day, we elected to walk the entire stretch of beach within the City of North Myrtle Beach.
Dressed from head to toe in the same gear and equipment as the brothers and sisters used that day they lost their lives, we walked. At first quietly, and solemnly, not knowing if our task was even possible to complete. We soon realized that the 9 miles seemed forever, and the need for conversation was a must. We began to discuss the events that had taken place that day, our memories, and share the stories of those we had lost. At first we didn’t realize, as we were lost in conversation, but beach goers began saluting the flags we carried, placing their hands on their hearts in our passing. As people began walking with us for short distances, thanking us, and shaking our hands, we then realized that what we had set out to do for ourselves, gave those around a minute to do the same. With the overwhelming support we had got that day, we knew there was no stopping until we had hit our destination. Mentally and physically, we supported each other through our journey. With a few stops along the way, drenched in sweat, aching from head to toe, we had finally achieved our goal.
Having been accomplished every year since, the walk continues to provide an avenue for our employees, residents, and visitors to remember the victims of the attacks on 9/11. The walk honors the countless first responders and military personnel who responded that day, and those who continue to fight in the war on terrorism.

Now joined by multiple agencies, branches of the military, and family members, the walk has grown beyond what we had imagined.

Start: 9:00am at 48th Ave South on the beach.

Conclusion: Approx. 63rd Ave North on the beach.

Parking: 48th Ave South & South Ocean Blvd. (Beach Cove Overflow Parking Lot)

Contact: Engineer Justin Martin, North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Jdmartin@NMB.US (843) 424-1307

Donations of Water, Gatorade, and PowerAde will be gladly accepted for use on this day.

Join us in remembering our fallen brothers, and sisters. Thank you for your past years of support.