Winter Junior Guard Training January 26 – March 15th


Download the Junior Lifeguard Brochure

All classes will be 6:45pm- 8:15pm

Lesson 1 (January 26)

Welcome and Orientation, Recognizing Emergencies, Victim Recognition, Lifeguard Equipment, Reaching Assists

Lesson 2 (January 28)

Knowing your Environment, RID Factor, Surveillance and Scanning, Throwing Assists

Lesson 3 (February 2)

General Procedures, Entering the Water, Entries and Approaches

Lesson 4 (February 4)

Procedures for an Emergency, Primary Assessment

Lesson 5 (February 9)

Emergency Action Plan, Rescues at or Near the Surface

Lesson 6 (February 11)

Educating Others, Conflict Resolution, FIND Model, Injury Prevention, Submerged Victim Shallow Water

Lesson 7 (February 16)

Walking Assist, Two Person Removal from Water, Escapes

Lesson 8 (February 18)

Conscious Choking, Ventilations, Unconscious Choking

Lesson 9 (February 23)

The Cardiac Chain, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Using an Automated External Defibrillator

Lesson 10 (February 25)

Facility Safety Check, Preparation for Shadowing, Currents

Lesson 11 (March 1)

Handling Difficult Situations, Aquatic Hazards,

Lesson 12 (March 3)

First Aid, Secondary Assessment

Lesson 13 (March 8)

Head, Neck and Back Injuries

Lesson 14 (March 10)

Survival Floating, Preparation for Shadowing, Skills Review

Lesson 15 (March 15)

Course Review, Written Assessment, Final Skills