Kyle Smith

Fire Engineer
Bryan Grady

Fire Lt. Justin Domogauer

We received a letter from a citizen in reference to Officer Kyle Smith, we would like to share that letter and say Job Well Done Officer Smith.

Last week I found myself stranded in the sand at the 7th Avenue South beach entrance approximately 20 feet from where I should have stopped. Officer Smith while on patrol noticed my vehicle and approached to offer assistance. I was past where I should have been but Officer Smith used his judgment and realized that I was not attempting to drive on the beach and was most helpful.

I called a tow truck of my choice and Officer Smith waited until the truck arrived. During the conversation I learned that Officer Smith is a “home grown” if you will, product of North Myrtle Beach.

I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for his demeanor and offer an observation. Officer Smith is a young man. He could have joined any department he chose. As a young man growing up, I believe he recognized the professional police department as well as strong support from government officials here in the City of North Myrtle Beach. This is how departments attract and retain officers as you well know. My hats off to the entire process that provides officers like Kyle Smith. A job well done to all.

On 2 different occasions both of these firefighters, Fire Lt. Justin Domogauer and Fire Engineer Bryan Grady,  have spent long hours organizing and ensuring that all radios on the fire department side received the a recent radio update.  In the case of the 2nd update, there was such short notice that the plan developed on the same day.  Both members came in on their off days as soon as they received the call and operated into the night.  This demonstrates the dedication this department is looking for.  The deserve recognition for their promptness as well as the job they did in effecting and organizing the procedure.