2018 Recertification Course


Recertification Course (Download)

2018 Recertification Course

Friday, May 11th 8am (J. Bryan Floyd Community Center)

BBP, CISM, Airway and Ventilation, Airway Management, Emergency Oxygen, the Circulatory System and Cardiac Emergencies, CPR and Automated External Defibrillation

Swim Test 6:30pm (Aquatic Center)

Saturday, May 12th 8am (J. Bryan Floyd Community Center)

History Taking and Secondary Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Poisoning, Substance Misuse and Abuse, Environmental Emergencies, Assisting with and Epinephrine Auto- Injector, Behavioral, Emergencies, Shock, Bleeding Trauma, Tourniquet Use, Soft Tissue Injuries, Injuries to Chest and Abdomen, Injuries to Muscle, Bones and Joints

Sunday, May 13th 8am (J. Bryan Floyd Community Center)

Policies and Procedures, Written Test

Ocean Rescue Skills (Beach)