2018 Weekend Lifeguard Training Academy


2018 Weekend Lifeguard Training Academy (Download)

Thursday, April 12      8pm (pool)

500 meter swim test, ½ mile run, brick tow and underwater swim

Friday, April 13           5pm (classroom)

Lifesaving History, Use and Protection of Americas Beaches, Role of the Professional Lifeguard, Open Water Lifeguard Qualification, the Surf Environment, Weather

Saturday, April 14      8am (classroom)

Blood Bourne Pathogens, Critical Incident Stress Management, Drowning, Preventative Lifeguarding, Water Surveillance, Basic Rescue, Lifeguard Health and Safety, Aquatic Life and Related Hazards, Medical Care in an Aquatic Environment, SCUBA Related Illness and Treatment

Sunday, April 15         8am (pool, classroom)

Rescue Skills, Human Body, Lifting and Moving Patients, Scene Size up, Primary Assessment

Friday, April 20           5pm (classroom)

Airway, Ventilation and Management, Oxygen Administration, Cardiac Emergencies

Saturday, April 21      8am (classroom)

CPR and AED Training, History Taking and Secondary Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Poisoning, Substance Misuse and Abuse

Sunday, April 22         8am (classroom)

Assisting with a Epinephrine Auto- Injector, Shock, Bleeding and Trauma, Tourniquet Use, Underwater Searches and Recovery, Professionalism, Records and Reports, the Responsible Lifeguard, Policy and Procedures

Friday, April 27           5pm (classroom)

Spinal Injury Management, Written Tests

Saturday, April 28      8am (beach)

Ocean Rescue Skills, Spinal Injury Management in a Beach Environment, Communication and Radio Use, Code X

Sunday, April 29         8am (beach)

Pier Rescue, PRWC Response and Rescue, Rescue Board Use and Multiple Victim Response