NMB Junior Lifeguard Program

What is a Junior Lifeguard?

 Junior Lifeguards are kids ages 9-15 who love the water and want their friends and family to be safe at the beach and in the pool.  Our Junior Guards learn from NMB Beach Patrol Officers and experienced ocean lifeguards using group activities to develop basic lifesaving skills.  Our instructors are always planning fun games and physical challenges for our Junior Lifeguards, which helps boost confidence and build strength in team environments.  For a registration fee of $25, your Junior Lifeguard can learn CPR, beach safety, and make unforgettable friendships. They also receive a free rash guard every year and new participants will get a Junior Lifeguard backpack! 

 When are Junior Lifeguard camps held?

 NMB Ocean Rescue hosts one winter program and two summer programs.  Our Winter class is held at the NMB Aquatic and Fitness Center and involves classroom lessons and time in the pool.  The winter program begins in late January and runs through the beginning of March, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:45-8:45pm.  The Summer Junior Lifeguard program has two camps.  New for 2020, we will run our summer camps Tuesday and Thursday mornings only, 8:30-10:30am.  Our Summer I camp will begin on June 16th and will end July 9th.  Summer II camp will run July 21st through August 13th.  

 Can my Junior Lifeguard shadow a real Ocean Lifeguard?

 Yes!  After your child completes one of our summer camps, they are invited to shadow a trained and experienced Ocean Lifeguard!  Our Ocean Rescue team in North Myrtle Beach is committed to putting safety first, and they do not rent beach chairs or umbrellas.  When Junior Lifeguards shadow a lifeguard, they get to experience beach safety first hand between the hours of 9:30am-11:30am.  Junior Lifeguards may assist Lifeguards, but they do not take an active role in any rescue scenarios.  Shadow days begin on July 11th and are Saturdays only.   Junior Lifeguards should check in to the Ocean Rescue office located inside the Beach Services warehouse located at 1024 6th Ave South in North Myrtle Beach at 9am.  Beach Patrol will assign a Junior Lifeguard to a lifeguard tower and the parents of the Junior Lifeguard are responsible for transporting the Junior Guard to and picking them up from the lifeguard tower.  Many Junior Lifeguards find that they have a favorite instructor that they request to shadow throughout the summer. 

 Can Junior Lifeguards become Ocean Lifeguards someday?

 Many of our Junior Lifeguards have grown up to become trained, paid lifeguards… a few have even come back to teach in our Junior Lifeguard camps!  To be a lifeguard for NMB Ocean Rescue, individuals must be 16 years old.  They must pass a standard United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) swim test of 550 yards in 10 minutes or less.  At NMB Ocean Rescue, we are proud to be the ONLY agency in the Grand Strand area that is USLA certified.  Starting pay for lifeguards is $11/hour and they can earn up to $15/hr in addition to bonuses up to $500.  Every new lifeguard will pass a Lifeguard Academy which is free of cost and hosted by our Beach Patrol.  Many of the topics and skills covered in our Junior Lifeguard camps are included in the Lifeguard Academy which makes passing the class much easier and more fun.  All lifeguards are provided with free uniforms and most come back to guard our beaches for multiple seasons.  

 If you have any questions about the Junior Lifeguard program or NMB Ocean Rescue, please reach out to Program Director May Lauzon at: melauzon@nmb.us.