About Police Training

Sergeant John Griffin



Sgt. Griffin is originally from Mooresville, North Carolina. He was hired by the North Myrtle Beach Dept. of Public Safety as a Public Safety Officer/Firefighter/EMT in 2004. He transferred to the Office of Professional Development / Training Sgt. In January 2018. Sgt. Griffin is a thirteen-year veteran of the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety. He formerly worked in Uniform Patrol as a Field Training Officer, K9 Handler, Bike Patrol Officer and Motor Officer. He also worked in the Criminal Investigations Unit in Narcotics and Vice before being promoted to Sgt. in 2015. Sgt. Griffin is a graduate of Columbia College, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration as well as a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  He is a graduate of the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute’s 138th Administrative Officers Course and holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on forensics Science from Central Piedmont Community College. He is an instructor for the Police Department, Fire Department, Narcotics Instructor, DUI/SFST, and Drug Recognition Expert Instructor. Sgt. Griffin is an active member of the Clandestine Laboratory Investigator Association (CLIA), the Southern Police Institute’s Alumni Association (SPIAA), the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), the South Carolina Gang Investigator Association (SCGIA), a Kentucky Colonel, the North Carolina Narcotics Investigators Association. He is also currently attached to the Regional Hazmat Team as an Operator and the Head of the 15th Circuit Clandestine Laboratory Team.

PFC. Justin Baker



Officer Baker is a graduate of North Carolina State University. He was hired by North Myrtle Beach Dept. of Public Safety as a Public Safety Officer in 2013. He was transferred to the training division in 2016. Officer Baker is the Pre-Service Coordinator and Police Training Officer Program Coordinator.

The Police Training Unit provides quality training to the department’s Uniform Patrol.

New Recruits

All new recruits are required to take a 12 week Basic Academy courses. In addition, new recruits take a 16 week Police Training Officer program.

The PTO Program is a post-graduation training. It is a Community organized problem-solving approach used for the post-graduation training.

Training and Certification

All Uniform Patrol officers are trained as either a Class I or Class III Limited Duty officer.

Class I officers are required by Academy standards to have 40 hours or training between a 3 year period. This includes…

  • 18 hours of Core Training divided as…
    • 6 hours of required Legal Updates (2 a year)
    • 12 hours of required Domestic Violence training (4 a year)
  • 22 hours of In-Service training, taught by an Academy approved instructor and approved lesson plans.

The 22 hour in-service training includes yearly training sessions in…

  • Defense Tactics Training
  • Firearms Range Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Ethics Training
  • Taser Training
  • Defensive Driving Training

In addition, the Police Training Department is the liaison between our officers and training agencies.

Police Training Center

The Department of Public Safety houses a training room for lessons and use the shooting range out in Conway.