Streets & Drainage

Streets and Drainage Division provides the following services:

  • Asphalt paving and repair, including:
    • Pothole patching
    • Resurfacing, etc.
  • Street sweeping
  • Installation and maintenance of sidewalks and bicycle trails
  • Installation and maintenance of street signs
  • Hurricane debris removal
  • Installation and maintenance of drainage ditches and storm drainage pipes.
  • Mosquito control spraying
  • Operation and maintenance of the swing bridge at Barefoot Resort Bridge Road

Tide Gauge Information

Real-time water level data, predictions, comparisons to the nearest NOAA station, and flood thresholds for our community are now available online at You can view this information for the last week without needing to create an account.  If you'd like to see historical data, "Sign Up" for an account here:

Our community is part of ASBPA’s 5-year “Southeast Coastal Communities Water Level Observation System” project. The project is providing real-time water level data, tide predictions, and flooding alerts to coastal communities. The data are being used to plan for and respond to flood emergencies as well as design resilience strategies for sea-level rise and the projected increase in flooding. ASBPA is collaborating with Hohonu, Inc., a technology startup that provides environmental water level monitoring to help communities adapt to climate change.

The project is funded by SECOORA (Southeast Coastal and Ocean Observing Regional Association), which is a member of the US Integrated Ocean Observing System, and part of NOAA.  ASBPA is leading one of four teams selected to create a new regional water level network.  The project fills gaps between existing federal tide stations.  For example, there is a large data gap between Charleston and the Georgia border.  Ultimately, data will be accessible for download on SECOORA’s website.