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Jury Trial Request Form

  1. If you are not represented by an attorney, please complete the following information:
  2. I will notify the North Myrtle Beach Municipal Court of any changes to any information provided.*
  3. Statement of Request
    I hereby request a jury trial on the above charges. I understand that, if I fail to appear for the Jury Roster Call, at the dates and times to be set at the Jury Roster Call for jury selection, and my trial date, I will be considered to have waived my right to a jury trial and will be tried in my absence before a judge sitting without jury. I further understand that if I am found guilty in my absence, a sentence will be imposed and enforced as soon as I am arrested. A Bench Warrant will be issued for my arrest and/or any bond that I posted will be forfeited. All conditions of my bond shall remain in effect until the jury trial is completed or the charges against me are disposed of otherwise.
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